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Is not available to your country

LOL so much for my drama
The "A Gifted Man" exclusive preview was released a few days ago and up to now, I still haven't watched it since IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN MY COUNTRY. I wanted to watch it badly because there was a liam scene that some guys have been talking about on tumblr, I feel left behind OTL
most decent screencap I got care of @iwuntmuffen on twitter
His hair is long again!! Although last year he got the same haircut. But since he was gone for like , a year, I can't help but to spazz how he looks today :D. OHAITHERE T v T

Doing a quick post before I march to school, tatas children :D

when you fail bigtime

My blog looked deserted for like 2 days. I was enthusiastically waiting for any messages and I was completely wondering why no single notification came ....

Turns out, I have enabled the commenting systems for registered users only. And I was like
I feel like eating myself up for that wasted two days. Like really, it was an epic failure. But I adjusted the settings now, so you can comment again

Moving on...

Recently, my mom discovered my first blog. I don't know how she knew about it, I think she random googled my name or something that it appeared. I was so embarassed that I actually did not go out of my room for a couple of days, and sneaking in midnights to get food from the fridge.

The posts there were so horrible. I remember posting something about how I hated my enemies (cursing them bigtime 8D), school problems ( one about me having detention from suddenly laughing so hard in the library over some silly book) and rants about me being single while my friends got all their boyfriends wait I am eternally fine not having one now.

And my mom was like, "You should have told me about this, you know I could help you with that" -please insert an annoying mom smirk here-.

I really wanted to keep things to myself that's why I don't share my problems to the ones I love, mom. It's my problem, and it doesn't need any sidekick since it's just teenage problems. And it was the past, can carry myself now... especially the part about silly boyfriends since I got one but he doesn't know (*hugs Liam* sounds pathetic)

After a few days of decoding what is the password I used for that blog. I was able to log in and delete all the posts. Funny how I make passwords before : COOKIES4SALE .

Sister Comes Back

It's been exactly 2 months I've been living alone by myself (and a month old for Levi blogging!) so it's quite weird when my sister stayed in the house for a day. It's like me seeing a real human person for the first time. I was like finally, someone I can talk to!!!

Good thing the house was clean when she visited, she got a really good mood when she arrived. But too bad she didn't bring any food with her = =. Anyway it's nice seeing her again.

She spent most of her visiting time browsing the web, because according to her, she cannot use the PC in our other house since my brothers always use it. So I did use my time for sketching.... and guess who :DD (will scan soon)

She stayed for only 10 hours. No biggie actually, but I did miss her a lot. She'll be back after a few weeks :)
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A Gifted Man

shit. shit. shit. shit. liam. liam. liam. liam.

CBS updated their primetime tv series, A Gifted Man, and guess who's into it! I know, I read the imdb page before but I can't help but to get excited on this one

still no such liam scene here...
*prays for more liam scenes T ^ T, pretty pleases*

A Gifted Man

A GIFTED MAN is a drama about a brilliant, charismatic surgeon whose life changes forever when his deceased ex-wife begins teaching him the meaning of life from the "hereafter."
Collapse )


I think there's a time when a blogger suddenly decides she should switch blogging platforms...

like just what I did this morning.

Yes I did move at livejournal, to think that tretchev must be turning one month tomorrow. I didn't know what came to my mind. I just found myself suddenly moving the posts here and, yeah, here it is.

The good thing is that I am one click closer to the communities I am watching over, it's been quite some time since I've looked up to them haha!

Wigs and Ninja Turtles

I just came back from a cosplay convention. I don't actually know how I got in there, what I remember is that my "otaku friends" (?) (or like what they call themselves, sorry I don't completely remember) snatched me at the end of my class and dashed to the mall where the convention was held.

It was the first time I was in such a place packed with humanoids dressing to look like their favorite anime characters. Wait, my friend told me the cosplayers that attended wasn't that much, but it looked quite jammed for me D:. Some just tried to look like japanese/koreans but only a few pulled it off. It was fun seeing a lot of them though :)

Lots of booths too, filled with all things japanese, from pocky sticks to hats. There are also fanmade pins and keychains. I badly want to buy a "nyan cat" keychain but I was too broke since I spent my money eating the whole time during the convention. There was a certain store where I spent most of my time, it's like an "antique" or old stuff booth. They sell old pictures of colonial times, collective old bottles of Coke, Pepsi, and there are old maps from countries. It's too amazing to look at * u *

Of course I also spent some of my time looking over the cosplayers. I can't believe they spent thousands just to buy the things they'll need. And I also found that some of their parents are really supportive with it. I love the ones with armors and stuff, I change directions whenever I see a cosplayer with their "bare chest" showing (erm ...) but one cosplayer caught my attention. He was wearing green overalls with patches on them
I said to my friend...

Before we left we saw a "wig shop" where people can try the wigs and take a picture of themselves wearing it. Of course I insisted, I never planned to wear a wig once in my life. But they grabbed me (again) and made me wore one. A PINK ONE. FML. But since I'm not a killjoy person...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tagged by Sayraah, but since I am still new and I still don't have lots of blogger friends, you can tag yourselves :)

1. Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
2. You have to choose and tag ten people.
3. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
4. No tag backs.
5. Have fun.

here it goes.

1. My comfort food, or should I say drink, is cola. Whenever I drink one, it relieves my stress
2. I usually hang out in the library near the air conditioner. I love to read books in comfortable, cold places.
3. I have the idiosyncrasy of biting things that get near my teeth. From straws of my cola to plastic cups.
4. I rarely go outside the house everyday unless I really need to get out of school.
5. Most of the songs I listen to go mainstream after few months I discover them. Some artists like The Click Five and Bruno Mars. But now I don't listen much to them.
6. I don't socialize alot, my daily prayer is to survive a school day without any person noticing me.
7. I love webdesigning way back when I was 13, I did some comissions for my friends who have fansites of their favorite kpop stars (although I don't know those artists)
8. My favorite band is Rage Against the Machines. RATM!!
9. My hair never got any treatment. Never. Even a simple ironing.
10. I love dogs. Whenever I see one on the street, I tend to greet them more than humans.

Long Time Gone

It has been xxx days since I last blogged. Please don't make me recount the days, I hate counting as much as I hated math. It's just that Blogger really pissed me off. REALLY.

(Don't worry Blogger, I'm quite fine now, quite...)

I did make a layout before Blogger went haywire last May 12. I was quite proud of it actually, the first layout that I've spent 2 days brainstorming and coding. But when Blogger got into this, huge maintenance problem (D'OH), they lost the code I've worked hard for. I can't help but to be angry, so I didn't blog for a week :D

Anyway all is fine now, and I've coded a new one. This isn't exactly the one I'm talking about, but I like it anyway :D. Learning XML!!!

Finally installed Adobe Illustrator at my PC with the help of my friend. Never was I good in vectoring, but man it was awesome! I wish I had a tablet though, so it'll be more easier to use. My mouse just sucks badly.

Quite late post, it's 3 in the morning, must sleep!

All is Clean

Finally got a chance to clean the whole house. I've been waiting for weeks just to find the right time and I finally did 8). Today!

Well the house was terribly dirty. Candy wrappers, papers, and dirty laundry everywhere. And there were layers of dust on the whole floor and some tables. It makes me want to go gaga and throw them all away . But luckily, I had all the patience in the world today.

Honestly, I SKIPPED CLASSES. I skipped classes because I felt like cleaning the house today, and I skipped 2 major classes. Oh well. I only got one absence anyway, so why not use the second haha!

It took me a pretty good time of 2 hours after I finished all. I mopped the floor four times with soap and three times with water just to make sure it's really, really, really clean. Because I'm really sensitive to dirt, it makes me sneeze all the time, just as what I had the past few weeks.

It's so clean that I can even sleep on the floor :))

After that I did some grocery and took a shower and I also cleaned the folders in my computer.
Whew what a day.

And new skin, actually the skin before this was a testing only, I shall submit it later on in blogskins
Anyway, I'm off to bed now, ta-ta~


Yes I listen to PUNK

I was listening on my ipod in a train station when this two girls kept looking at me. I think my music was on full volume back then because I was really hyper that day. They give me that "yuck-is-that-girl-really-playing-what-the-heck" look over me.

Dude I was listening to PUNK. Seriously.

So I lowered my ipod volume and listened to their conversation. And they started to talk about how they disgust punk rock. And how it hurts their ears, and, yeah, you get the idea.

Do you want me to be listen to music with dancing ponies and rainbows playing lovesongs and cute ones? Nope, it isn't my cup of tea.

And you don't need to be disgusted to it actually, you could just shut your mouth and utter it to your head, more acceptable.

These rude people.

I do respect whatever wants. Like for example, my friend was THIIIS addicted to Kpop and I do support her, even though I don't get the gist why she's listening to it (must be because of the pretty looking guys, or the melody, or their voices). I don't force her to listen to what I want, in fact we share stories about our likes.

So the nasty girls who look like the Spice Girls kept giving me that look until I got down the train. Classification, *shakes head*.


Because I have watched it and Parker Posey is beautiful!
+++ for Liam!
Although, I liked Henry fool more, this can pass :)
One another unique feature was "almost" all the shots were in dutch angles
(there were some scenes that are not in the angle shot)]
I am watching it again x)