May 7th, 2011


I just wanna lay on my bed...

I woke up late for 3 consecutive days. 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS!!! Which led me to being late every morning classes, especially today that I didn't attend my Sunday class at all. It's my second absence in my Sunday class and I still haven't met my professor. I bet he'd kill me when I attend the third day.

Who the f*cktard even thought of having Sunday classes anyway, geez we're supposed to be resting, even machines rest! I think even God rests.

I complain because I have classes the whole week and it sucks since you have really no time day with yourself. Please give me a break. Having classes the whole week, or most likely to say the whole year since our university implements quarterm enrollment, makes me wanna transfer to school and shift program.

I dunno but I suddenly felt filmography was my thing (after watching humongous number of movies this week *exaggerating*), or maybe not. Even I am confused. I hate last minute decisions but most of the time when I do, it turns to good.

But I want to work in the film industry soon, or something close to that haha! or a scriptwriter because I surprisingly do well in that subject, although in my own native language, my english sucks and I cannot converse properly, but I do understand.

Oh well, shit happens, and maybe today was a shit too.