May 26th, 2011


Sister Comes Back

It's been exactly 2 months I've been living alone by myself (and a month old for Levi blogging!) so it's quite weird when my sister stayed in the house for a day. It's like me seeing a real human person for the first time. I was like finally, someone I can talk to!!!

Good thing the house was clean when she visited, she got a really good mood when she arrived. But too bad she didn't bring any food with her = =. Anyway it's nice seeing her again.

She spent most of her visiting time browsing the web, because according to her, she cannot use the PC in our other house since my brothers always use it. So I did use my time for sketching.... and guess who :DD (will scan soon)

She stayed for only 10 hours. No biggie actually, but I did miss her a lot. She'll be back after a few weeks :)
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