May 27th, 2011


when you fail bigtime

My blog looked deserted for like 2 days. I was enthusiastically waiting for any messages and I was completely wondering why no single notification came ....

Turns out, I have enabled the commenting systems for registered users only. And I was like
I feel like eating myself up for that wasted two days. Like really, it was an epic failure. But I adjusted the settings now, so you can comment again

Moving on...

Recently, my mom discovered my first blog. I don't know how she knew about it, I think she random googled my name or something that it appeared. I was so embarassed that I actually did not go out of my room for a couple of days, and sneaking in midnights to get food from the fridge.

The posts there were so horrible. I remember posting something about how I hated my enemies (cursing them bigtime 8D), school problems ( one about me having detention from suddenly laughing so hard in the library over some silly book) and rants about me being single while my friends got all their boyfriends wait I am eternally fine not having one now.

And my mom was like, "You should have told me about this, you know I could help you with that" -please insert an annoying mom smirk here-.

I really wanted to keep things to myself that's why I don't share my problems to the ones I love, mom. It's my problem, and it doesn't need any sidekick since it's just teenage problems. And it was the past, can carry myself now... especially the part about silly boyfriends since I got one but he doesn't know (*hugs Liam* sounds pathetic)

After a few days of decoding what is the password I used for that blog. I was able to log in and delete all the posts. Funny how I make passwords before : COOKIES4SALE .