steampunkcola (steampunkcola) wrote,

Yes I listen to PUNK

I was listening on my ipod in a train station when this two girls kept looking at me. I think my music was on full volume back then because I was really hyper that day. They give me that "yuck-is-that-girl-really-playing-what-the-heck" look over me.

Dude I was listening to PUNK. Seriously.

So I lowered my ipod volume and listened to their conversation. And they started to talk about how they disgust punk rock. And how it hurts their ears, and, yeah, you get the idea.

Do you want me to be listen to music with dancing ponies and rainbows playing lovesongs and cute ones? Nope, it isn't my cup of tea.

And you don't need to be disgusted to it actually, you could just shut your mouth and utter it to your head, more acceptable.

These rude people.

I do respect whatever wants. Like for example, my friend was THIIIS addicted to Kpop and I do support her, even though I don't get the gist why she's listening to it (must be because of the pretty looking guys, or the melody, or their voices). I don't force her to listen to what I want, in fact we share stories about our likes.

So the nasty girls who look like the Spice Girls kept giving me that look until I got down the train. Classification, *shakes head*.

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