steampunkcola (steampunkcola) wrote,

All is Clean

Finally got a chance to clean the whole house. I've been waiting for weeks just to find the right time and I finally did 8). Today!

Well the house was terribly dirty. Candy wrappers, papers, and dirty laundry everywhere. And there were layers of dust on the whole floor and some tables. It makes me want to go gaga and throw them all away . But luckily, I had all the patience in the world today.

Honestly, I SKIPPED CLASSES. I skipped classes because I felt like cleaning the house today, and I skipped 2 major classes. Oh well. I only got one absence anyway, so why not use the second haha!

It took me a pretty good time of 2 hours after I finished all. I mopped the floor four times with soap and three times with water just to make sure it's really, really, really clean. Because I'm really sensitive to dirt, it makes me sneeze all the time, just as what I had the past few weeks.

It's so clean that I can even sleep on the floor :))

After that I did some grocery and took a shower and I also cleaned the folders in my computer.
Whew what a day.

And new skin, actually the skin before this was a testing only, I shall submit it later on in blogskins
Anyway, I'm off to bed now, ta-ta~


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