steampunkcola (steampunkcola) wrote,

Long Time Gone

It has been xxx days since I last blogged. Please don't make me recount the days, I hate counting as much as I hated math. It's just that Blogger really pissed me off. REALLY.

(Don't worry Blogger, I'm quite fine now, quite...)

I did make a layout before Blogger went haywire last May 12. I was quite proud of it actually, the first layout that I've spent 2 days brainstorming and coding. But when Blogger got into this, huge maintenance problem (D'OH), they lost the code I've worked hard for. I can't help but to be angry, so I didn't blog for a week :D

Anyway all is fine now, and I've coded a new one. This isn't exactly the one I'm talking about, but I like it anyway :D. Learning XML!!!

Finally installed Adobe Illustrator at my PC with the help of my friend. Never was I good in vectoring, but man it was awesome! I wish I had a tablet though, so it'll be more easier to use. My mouse just sucks badly.

Quite late post, it's 3 in the morning, must sleep!

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