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Wigs and Ninja Turtles

I just came back from a cosplay convention. I don't actually know how I got in there, what I remember is that my "otaku friends" (?) (or like what they call themselves, sorry I don't completely remember) snatched me at the end of my class and dashed to the mall where the convention was held.

It was the first time I was in such a place packed with humanoids dressing to look like their favorite anime characters. Wait, my friend told me the cosplayers that attended wasn't that much, but it looked quite jammed for me D:. Some just tried to look like japanese/koreans but only a few pulled it off. It was fun seeing a lot of them though :)

Lots of booths too, filled with all things japanese, from pocky sticks to hats. There are also fanmade pins and keychains. I badly want to buy a "nyan cat" keychain but I was too broke since I spent my money eating the whole time during the convention. There was a certain store where I spent most of my time, it's like an "antique" or old stuff booth. They sell old pictures of colonial times, collective old bottles of Coke, Pepsi, and there are old maps from countries. It's too amazing to look at * u *

Of course I also spent some of my time looking over the cosplayers. I can't believe they spent thousands just to buy the things they'll need. And I also found that some of their parents are really supportive with it. I love the ones with armors and stuff, I change directions whenever I see a cosplayer with their "bare chest" showing (erm ...) but one cosplayer caught my attention. He was wearing green overalls with patches on them
I said to my friend...

Before we left we saw a "wig shop" where people can try the wigs and take a picture of themselves wearing it. Of course I insisted, I never planned to wear a wig once in my life. But they grabbed me (again) and made me wore one. A PINK ONE. FML. But since I'm not a killjoy person...

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Tagged by Sayraah, but since I am still new and I still don't have lots of blogger friends, you can tag yourselves :)

1. Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
2. You have to choose and tag ten people.
3. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
4. No tag backs.
5. Have fun.

here it goes.

1. My comfort food, or should I say drink, is cola. Whenever I drink one, it relieves my stress
2. I usually hang out in the library near the air conditioner. I love to read books in comfortable, cold places.
3. I have the idiosyncrasy of biting things that get near my teeth. From straws of my cola to plastic cups.
4. I rarely go outside the house everyday unless I really need to get out of school.
5. Most of the songs I listen to go mainstream after few months I discover them. Some artists like The Click Five and Bruno Mars. But now I don't listen much to them.
6. I don't socialize alot, my daily prayer is to survive a school day without any person noticing me.
7. I love webdesigning way back when I was 13, I did some comissions for my friends who have fansites of their favorite kpop stars (although I don't know those artists)
8. My favorite band is Rage Against the Machines. RATM!!
9. My hair never got any treatment. Never. Even a simple ironing.
10. I love dogs. Whenever I see one on the street, I tend to greet them more than humans.

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