I just wanna lay on my bed...

I woke up late for 3 consecutive days. 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS!!! Which led me to being late every morning classes, especially today that I didn't attend my Sunday class at all. It's my second absence in my Sunday class and I still haven't met my professor. I bet he'd kill me when I attend the third day.

Who the f*cktard even thought of having Sunday classes anyway, geez we're supposed to be resting, even machines rest! I think even God rests.

I complain because I have classes the whole week and it sucks since you have really no time day with yourself. Please give me a break. Having classes the whole week, or most likely to say the whole year since our university implements quarterm enrollment, makes me wanna transfer to school and shift program.

I dunno but I suddenly felt filmography was my thing (after watching humongous number of movies this week *exaggerating*), or maybe not. Even I am confused. I hate last minute decisions but most of the time when I do, it turns to good.

But I want to work in the film industry soon, or something close to that haha! or a scriptwriter because I surprisingly do well in that subject, although in my own native language, my english sucks and I cannot converse properly, but I do understand.

Oh well, shit happens, and maybe today was a shit too.


It Burns

Gosh the summer heat kills me. No matter how small a movement you make, you'll do sweat buckets = =.

Seriously don't want to move an inch because everytime I do, I feel my skin making friction and it's like burning hell! I even haven't touched my computer the past few days. Besides there's nothing else to do ...

Reading this for now :


I finished the fifth book of Lemony Snicket's a few days ago. I decided I should immediately buy the sixth, since I got enough money to get one (actually I was considering buying a cake instead, but that is not acceptable haha).

So I made a trip down to my nearest bookstore to look for it and fortunately, the book lady said I was on time buying the sixth, since it's the last stock on that bookstore, and it's now at a lower price. \m/. She also asked me if I wanted to buy the whole set which is due to stock there by the 26th of May . She said she'll reserve it for me but I am doubting. I don't have enough money to buy a set unfortunately, since my allowance still goes from my mother and, school stuffs. So I declined about it *sobs*. Anyway since I was a loyal customer she said she'll still reserve it if so happens I change my mind :)

Besides, I think buying a book individually is much more thrilling. After you read the first book, you'll still rush to the bookstore to get the second one, and the third, and the fourth, and so on !

Still on the half of the story now

The eff with customs

Being in a corrupt country with a corrupt government is just rich = =.

Last week I was expected to receive a parcel containing 19 sets of DVD inside of it thru EMS (actually a parcel that was directed to me by a friend, those 19 sets were SO NOT MINE). Surely enough, I was able to predict that it'll be under customs examination. And I was right. I received a notice last Monday and I went  an hour upon receiving it so I can fix this mess off immediately.

I did have a problem with them before, when another parcel of mine was subjected to customs examination. I was forced to pay a hefty amount of tax, almost the same as the price of the thing I bought. Just great.

When I arrived they took my notice and asked me to wait an hour or so waiting for the customs officer. In my mind I was already calculating how much I should pay. Remembering how humongous they taxed me before, I was predicting it'll be bigger.

Many persons were there back then, one claiming a laptop, but this guy who was claiming his "electric toy helicopter" amused me.

I bet it was his first time encountering such mess. After the custom officer calculated how much he was about to pay, he went like this :

Man : "Mam, this cannot be! It was a "toy" bought for 5USD you cannot ask me to pay 27USD for a toy like that!"
my mind speaking: for an electronic toy helicopter looking superbly, there  is no such thing as 5USD, If you want to lie, please make the price reasonable at least = =
Man : "Is there such a tax almost the same as its retail price -insert foul words here-"
my mind speaking: dude, been there and done that.
my mind speaking: *amusing myself*

The funny thing is that, the custom officer can block all the man says, and in the end the man ended paying a tax almost the same as it's retail price.

If you're there you'll never understand what is currently happening. The way they calculated it is just so pathetic. Unrecognizable abbreviations, such stuffs, and I think their calculator had a defect = =.

I was able to take home the DVD. Since it's tax is lower than the tax I paid for my parcel before. But the lesson here is that you better patronize your country's products rather than buying on foreign countries. 

And if you lie, at least make it reasonable = =.


I need to go out now but I will edit this as soon as I get back!
My god, why do people need to go to school *___*

Was back after 10 hours of learning from my university. I was looking forward on going home today because I already fixed everything on this new blog and it's neat now. I guess blogging is the only way I can get rid of myself ending up staring on flower pots four hours straight. It's time to at least, do a productive thing rather than, yeah, staring at pots for four hours straigh.

It's my first time to blog so forgive me if this post was a piece of crap/unnecessary/or something worse than that. I just find it amusing looking over people's blogs and I wonder how it feels when you're in that position and you're making new friends. Yes I was a silent reader haha!

Anyway, since I was also bored with my life, I decided to code a layout to submit in Blogskins. I just made my account today to know that payment was needed for new applications (old user here, my username in old account sucks to the core so I didn't submit it there). I thought there was no other way but good thing Blogskins admin replied to my query and activated my account immediately *thanks Myles!*

So yeah, you can enjoy it.

I was about to give a .psd file for you guys to change the header but the file went corrupt and even I can't open it = =.

Oh well.

Welcome to my blog! Nice meeting you ^^

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